Ask the Swan Specialist

Swans attacked by turkey-like birds
Date: 7 June 2014

I witnessed an attack on a swan swimming with her signets, the turkey like bird persued her relentlessly, jumped on her back and tried to drown her. One of the boats went to her rescue and separated them. Preventing the turkey like bird from further attack . She re-joined with the signets. We couldn't work out were the male swan was .Then we spotted it further down the loch being guarded and prevented from aiding the female swan by another turkey type bird we assume the mate. Eventually the swans got together again. However these birds were relentless to give up. The female and her signets swam away while the male swan prevented them from following the female and the signets. Apparently the swans have nested on this small island for ten years and he said the birds were native. What was there purpose to kill the mother swan ? And why did the male swan not challenge this turkey like bird when it was preventing him from going to protect his mate?