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No swans this year
Date: 11 June 2014

Hello friends and thanks for the info you provide here.

My husband and I have spent the past few years walking at a local lake. Every year we've enjoyed seeing a trumpeter swan pair mate and rear up cygnets. There have usually been 6 to 7 cygnets hatched each year at least for past 4 years. This year, only one swan returned, wasn't clear if it was a cygnet or one of mated pair. This swan returned early spring and was seen being fed by people. The swan seemed somewhat purposeless and didn't pay any attention to the geese around. After less than 2 weeks this swan disappeared. I found it odd that not one of all the cygnets ever returned or mated pair. We did have a brutal winter in chicago and all the migratory birds are noticeably diminished except the geese which seem to have more gooslings than ever. In any event, what would your best guess be as to why the swan came and left? This is the first year we have no swans, it's very sad.

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