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Re: Lone Swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 13 June 2014
In Response To: Lone Swan (Jeanette)

Hi Jeannette:

This is a tough situation because she may or may not take on another mate. How old is she? If she is approximately 16 years of age or thereabout, there is nothing to say that once you get her a mate that she does not die from old age. A captive swan kept in very good conditions may live up to 30 years, but even then, by 20+ age the swans will begin acting very feeble and may not be able to keep up with a younger swan. Trying to find an older swan her age, will be almost impossible and again, that swan may not willingly take on another mate. The best situation would be to make sure she has plenty of ducks or geese on the pond so that she has some other waterfowl for friends. IF she is 16 years of age or more, then the swan is way past her nesting age so this is no longer a concern.

Although she may have looked for her mate and may have grieved, it is only temporary. Birds and animals do not grieve for long periods of time like humans. To do so, would significantly limit the chance of survival because staying in one place, not eating etc., alerts predators and even increases stress which may cause illness or disease. Therefore, give her extra food, love and care, protect her from predators and inclement weather and she will do just fine. The Regal Swan

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