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Re: Swan on Braden River FL
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 15 June 2014
In Response To: Swan on Braden River FL (Wendy)

Hi Wendy

We have been hearing about a swan in this area for several weeks. Apparently, the swan has been seen in the river as well as a small pond east of I-75. We’re not sure what can be done as the swan flies so as long as it is flying and eating, it would mean that it is a healthy swan and has a good food source. Unfortunately, if the swan should get ill or hurt, there is still not much that can be done because it can fly. Birds will linger and pretend everything is fine and by the time it slows down to be caught it usually is in dire straits. Please keep us informed, if you continue to see the bird. If you are close to the swan and can throw bread to it, you may be able to get it friendly enough so that intervention can be rendered. The Regal Swan

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