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The three cygnets have been pinioned
Date: 17 June 2014


I did get the three newborn swans to the vet yesterday, Monday, June16, 2014. I took them from Steven and Swanee and had them back within one hour and five minutes. The vet and I had arranged that he would be ready the moment I arrived because he knew of the time element to get them back to their parents as soon as possible. My swans were not happy with me, but they accepted their babies back with joy and they immediately took them out for a swim. They are the cutest things bobbing on the pond. I wanted to know when the parents might begin showing signs of not wanting to care for them? When Swanee and Steven might push them out on their own on our pond? Right now, they are very protective, but the babies seem to be growing so fast, I just wondered an approximate time to expect this behavior?

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