Ask the Swan Specialist

Ducks in upper NY pond/creek
Date: 20 June 2014

I feed the ducks by a creek in NY . There are mallards and some additional types. I have actually seen a Mandarin duck for years and for the past 5 years been feeding two domestic looking ducks whom have never mated so must both be males or females but are always with each other. They have stayed year round even in the harshest winters. I feed them cracked corn to try to help through those bitter months.

I have a ?. Where do these domestic ducks come from? Are they born in the wild ? The mandarin was there for years and he was able to fly well and he left. These dometics dont' fly . Are they capable?

Most recently 3 young baby ducks have appeared. They are alone and have no parents. They don't seem to know what they're doing. I have been feeding them a few times a week.

I'm thinking someone dropped them here? It's a pretty suburban area, no farms, etc. This was right after easter, so that could be a possibility that someone bought them as pets or something and dumped them?

I just want them to be ok , already one has a beak half off, but is able to eat. They seem to "hold their own" in squabbles, but I'm concerned about them. There is no cover for them other than to be in the creek and find a spot. They seem to sleep on the grass. This is a private park with a creek that runs through it in NY. Are they able to adapt like the other two have? Do they fly? What is the best to feed them?