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Re: Webbed foot of cygnet is damaged
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 1 July 2014
In Response To: Webbed foot of cygnet is damaged (Teresa)

Hi Teresa

If the cygnet cannot put weight on the foot it is unlikely that he will be able to survive in any setting other than a very controlled wildlife/waterfowl rehabilitation center where he can be fed, swim and bathe in a zero entrance water feature.

If the cygnet's foot is missing webbing due to turtle bites, then he should be okay. We have had swans still walk without webbing and do extremely well. The vet may need to clean the webbing and give the cygnet an antibiotic, but it can still survive.

Now, having said this, you need to get him to a waterfowl veterinarian ASAP to see if the problem can be corrected. However, be careful where you take the cygnet as some states do not want Mute Swans and will authorize the rehab or veterinarian to kill the bird. We have known Bob Knox at Knox Swan and Dog to take an adult swan that had the same problem and the swan found a mate and has lived a great life. So if all else fails, you might consider Bob. The Regal Swan

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