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Re: Missing swan and cygnet
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 7 July 2014
In Response To: Missing swan and cygnet (Jen)

Hi Jen:

If the pond that the cygnet was hatched is a threat, lack of shelter, presence of predators, something disturbed or scared the parents or lack of food, yes, then the parents will try to get the cygnets to another area. Normally, they will take them to an opposite side of the pond, but if there is a stream or short distance, then the parents will take the cygnets to a better area. Just because you did not see the cygnet, is not necessarily worrisome as the mother will carry the cygnets on her back for transportation if they are too little, get tired or cannot keep up with her.

Again, just because you do not see them, does not necessarily mean something has occurred as the mother may have taken the young to the farthest point away from the previous pond and you may not be able to see where she is hiding with the cygnets. The only other alternative, would be that a predator may have attacked the family in the process of moving the cygnets, especially if there is a heavy vegetation between the two ponds. We would think that the family is fine and will resurface on the new pond in the next few days. The Regal Swan

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