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Re: Geese in our Florida pond this morning
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 9 July 2014

Hi Billy:

We looked up Pipers Creek Geese and there is no such species per se. However, the Brant Goose species is the one found on the website in the photo. Since we have not seen a photo of the geese in your area, we can only surmise that they are either a Brant or Canada Goose. If you can get us a photo, that would be helpful. In your case, these species are either someone's captive geese that may have escaped, or they are wild geese that may have gotten off the beaten path. If they have been blown into an area that is not their usual habitat, they will spend a couple of days trying to regain their strength and senses. The geese will feed, rest, bathe and then once they are ready, they'll leave and go on their way to find their normal habitat and rejoin their flock. The Regal Swan

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