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Re: After a swan's mate dies
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 9 July 2014
In Response To: After a swan's mate dies (John)

Hi John:

We hope that this is not an incident of the NY DEC killing more swans, especially after the NY Senate and Assembly passed legislation to stop the killing. Was there any trauma on the bird such as gunshots, beating or predator attack?

Swans are not usually found on a beach, especially in salt water areas because they cannot filter the salt. Therefore, having the cygnets eat the hermit crabs, pick in the sand or drink salt water is probably not the healthiest scenario. This could cause dehydration, illness and numerous other problems. If you can find out the cause of the killing, please let us know. Otherwise, you can contact Senator Avella’s or Assemblyman Cymbrowitz’s office and tell them what you saw, the location and have them investigate to insure that the NY DEC is still not trying to carry out the swan killing program. The Regal Swan

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