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Re: Injured young swan abandoned
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 19 July 2014
In Response To: Injured young swan abandoned (Frank)

Hi Frank:

Yes, if there is something wrong with the young cygnet, it will not survive. Leg and foot injuries are detrimental to waterfowl as they cannot enter the water for feeding or escaping predators, or exit the water to preen and dry. Failure to get out of the water can result in drowning. Does the swan ever leave the pond and sit on the bank? This would be the ideal time for capture. If not, then you will need a small boat with motor, using safety measures such as life vests and two people in the boat, (one to operate the boat engine and one to capture), you can chase the cygnet and net it. Just be aware that the cygnet may dive under the boat and as soon as this occurs, you need to immediately stop the engine/motor. If you are not able to capture the cygnet, then nature will eventually take its course.

If you can attempt to feed it and it becomes friendly, then your chances for an on-land or shallow water capture will also be better. Get into the water, drop the food. Allow the cygnet to get close to feed and then either net it or reach down and grab it. You will only have one chance as it will get smart real quick to the fact that you are trying to get it. We hope that this information is of benefit. The Regal Swan

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