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Missing swans
Date: 20 July 2014

We have lived on a mile long lake near the New York border in southern Connecticut for 18 years. There have always been at least one pair of mute swans living on the lake. About a month ago, I saw a pair of swans doing what appeared to be making a nest on our dock which has become separated from the land by at least ten feet. It was a beautiful sight particularly since several cute ducks were also on the dock beside them. About a week later, the pair of swans disappeared! I have never not seen swans on our lake. Is it normal for both swans to disappear? Do you think that the swans could have been killed? Our lake allows boats from out of state to use the lake. I haven't seen swans on the lake down the road on the other side of the New York border. Do you think it has something to do with the proposed New York law to kill the mute swans? It is sad to not see them. Would another pair come to our lake? Thanks for your answer.

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