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Re: In AZ: Not to clip the wings of mute swan cygnets
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 23 July 2014

Hi Joel

You need to check with your local/state wildlife entities to see their requirements. In some states, wildlife officials will shoot Mute Swans if they are flying. The ability to fly will help against predators if the birds can see the animals early enough to flee. However, in the case of swans and coyotes, most attacks are at night when the birds can't see the forthcoming attack because if darkness and they are too close to or on the banks feeding, nesting, feeding or sleeping. Swans should stay in the middle of the lake at night to help with predator issues, but that does not necessarily occur. The best way to keep the swans safe would be to bring them indoors at least 1-2 hours before dusk and release them back onto the pond 1-2 hours after dawn. Dawn, dusk and night time are when predators attack and hunt for food. The overnight shelter should have ample ventilation-not too hot or cold, the birds must have a bowl of food and water with area cleaned to prevent pests such as rats or ants and finally, the shelter must be safe from predators. You will also need to alternate the time you bring the birds indoors and release the birds as the predators will catch on to a pattern. Coyotes especially individuals and many species will occasionally hunt during the day time so nothing is totally foolproof unless you can capture the predators and relocate them far away. The Regal Swan

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