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Re: Swan non-fertile eggs
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 27 July 2014
In Response To: Swan non-fertile eggs (Marlys)

Hi Marlys

Most swans, except the Australian Black Swans produce cygnets only once a year. There could be several reasons for the eggs to go bad such as if one of the swans is infertile, swans are too young and this is the first nesting, extreme habitat conditions changing drastically such as too hot then too cold and back to hot, or the presence of predators which will cause the parents to leave the nest. On another note, are you absolutely sure that you have a male and female swan? Female swans as a pair will produce eggs, just not fertile. If you have a male and female swan, they should still produce fertile eggs in the future unless one or both are sterile. You will not know this until next year and then, you may need to have them examined by an experienced waterfowl veterinarian. The Regal Swan

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