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Re: Limping Swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 4 August 2014
In Response To: Limping Swan (Liam)

Hi Liam:

We are not sure where you are located, so we would advise that you carefully inquire if there is someone in the area that can help you with the swan. In many states, wildlife facilities and veterinarians have been advised by state wildlife officials to kill the birds or offer no assistance. As long as the bird can enter and exit the water, fly, feed and preen, it should be okay. Check to see if there is a hook or fishing line that might be imbedded in the foot or leg. If there is no visible injury, it could be arthritis as many injured or older swans can get the condition which would cause limping. Bumblefoot, a small infection on the ball of the feet caused by abrasive surfaces can also cause limping. There are too many possibilities to consider and only a comprehensive examination by an experienced waterfowl/avian veterinarian will be able to diagnose the problem.

If the bird ever gets to the point of not being able to enter or exit the water, then it could be detrimental to the bird as it will not be able to feed or escape predators. At that point in time, you will need to find someone to help the swan and possibly find it a good safe home where it can live in a captive setting in which its entrance and exit in and out of the water can be managed with a zero entrance water feature. The Regal Swan

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