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Re: Adding female swan to existing two male swans
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 17 August 2014

Hi Duke

We would recommend leaving the situation as is. To add a female is going to force a rivalry between the two males and one or both could be seriously hurt or killed. They will get along just fine and may even build and sit on a nest together which is normal behavior. Also, Arkansas is a state that would like to see the Mute Swans killed as an invasive species, which they are not. In any case, if the swans start producibg young, you may need a breeder's license and be responsible for pinioning at 1-3 weeks of age and finding the young a good home once they reach 8-10 months of age. Swans can produce a brood of 1-10 cygnets a year. Do you want this added responsibility as well as additional veterinary care?

Swans will need protection from severe weather, especially if it gets too cold and the pond freezes. The swans can die from freezing, illness, starvation, dehydration and predation as predators can walk on ice and kill the swans.The housing can be a shed, garage or barn as long as there is adequate ventilation, no direct draft, protected from predators that can access the swans by digging under, climbing into or otherwise entering the shelter. The flooring should be straw, no slick surface such as newspaper and non-abrasive to protect their legs and feet. Also, the straw should be mucked daily with fresh water and food supplied daily. The shelter needs to also be protected from pests such as mice and ants. Finally, the swans should be hosed down daily with fresh warm water to keep their feathers healthy, clean and water repellent. The Regal Swan

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