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Re: Weak Cygnet Shunned by parents
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 18 August 2014
In Response To: Weak Cygnet Shunned by parents (George)

Hi George

There is something wrong with the cygnet for the parents to shun it. If it cannot walk correctly, it can invite a predator to attack it and the young swan can lead the predator to the rest of the family. The parents will keep it away so that one possible death does not lead to another by predation.

The cygnet should be captured and taken to a qualified avia/swan veterinarian.

We believe that this cygnet is on a pond located in Orlando as we were called regarding the same situation. We have advised the caller to capture the cygnet so it is not harmed by its parents or a predator and to call Animal Controll so they can transport it to a wildlife sanctuary or veterinarian. The Regal Swan

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