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Re: How far will the swans go after leaving the nest?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 3 September 2014

Hi Cindy:

It is time for migration so hopefully, the swans will migrate south for the winter and return once again in spring. You may or may not see the cygnets in the springtime as the parents may run them off to find their own mates and new habitat. Migration can go as far south as North Carolina toward the east or down through Arizona to the west. This migratory path completely depends on where the flock’s descendants migrated and taught their offspring to fly. Swans may also take their young on preliminary flights in surrounding habitats to get them acclimated to flying and as a reference to their original location. You may even see them return in the next few days or weeks if this is the case. Now, having said this, all of the above is totally dependent upon whether the cygnets are old enough to fly.

Another possibility is predation to the family. Do you have any predators such as fox, bobcat, etc., in the area. Usually, swans will return to the same habitat if they feel safe, but there is always the possibility that a predator could find the habitat and the parents will move the cygnets if possible.

Unfortunately, there is another reality that is not very pleasant. Canadian wildlife officials, specifically around Toronto and U.S. wildlife officials in various states are intentionally killing Mute Swans and their families to free up habitats for the larger Trumpeter Swans to be introduced for Trophy Waterfowl Hunting purposes. We are working hard to fight this killing based upon blatant misinformation about the Mute Swans, i.e., being non-native and invasive, when in fact they are native and actually beneficial to the environment.

To follow our fight to save these beautiful birds, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hopefully, this scenario is not what happened to your swan family, but unfortunately, this is becoming the normal reality in state and federal wildlife circles. We are asking citizens to stand up against this killing and allow these beautiful creatures to continue enhancing our water habitats. Please let us know if they return. The Regal Swan

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