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Mute swan won't lay eggs
Date: 4 September 2014


I live in Kerala, India.

2 months back i bought 12 mute swans, it is the cygnets of 1 pen and cub. now the almost all the swans are in same size. they are not having wild behaviour. i have made a big house for them like ours for night to sleep. and a pond is near by so that they can swim all day in it. almost i acre land with grass they can graze in it. i give in the evening when they enter the house 1kg wheat to the first month i gave them cooked rice and wheat. but when everybody said don't give swan cooked food, it will not lay eggs. i stopped it, now started giving uncooked wheat.

I'm scared ....

1. why it not laying egg?

2. whether it will mate with their cygnets when they become big.or else if they didn't mate how can i increase their population?

3. day full they are out of the cage, only at night they comes to cage for sleeping so i,m afraid whether they lay egg in the cage or they make nest somewhere outside near pond?

4. how can i know where they will make nest and lay egg?

5. what food should i give them to make them breed and give me egg for hatching?

6. do they breed with other birds like duck, flamingo, chicken?

i hope u will provide answers to my all questions

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