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Re: Mute swan won
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 5 September 2014
In Response To: Mute swan won't lay eggs (Sajila)

Hi Sajila:

First, the cygnets may not be old enough to lay eggs. Secondly, you may not have both males and females. Were they checked for gender by a licensed veterinarian experienced in waterfowl using DNA Sequencing? If not, this may be the problem.

Second, you should be feeding them poultry layer pellets mixed with cracked corn. Supply them with the grazing area as well as lettuce.

Third, they must be provided with a safe nesting site (enclosed top to bottom so predators cannot access the birds- one pair per pen. The pen should be ˝ on water and ˝ on land with feeder inside). The pen must be lined at the bottom of the pen with poultry fencing up to 4 feet on the outside of the pen so that the cygnets cannot get out of the pen and not be protected by the parents.

No, swans will not pair with other species and they only mate for breeding purposes once a year.

The major question is why you want to have so many swans? What is the purpose as once the swans get so that there are too many in one area, they will chase the younger birds from the area. This means you will have a big fight on your hands and will need to find them a new safe home. You may also be required to have a breeder’s or possession license from your government to have so many swans.

If you are planning on using them as a food source, this would be a very bad idea. Swans are Sentinel animals in that they indicate the presence of heavy metals such as lead and copper as well as harmful microorganisms. Because of their size, they can ingest lead and copper in amounts much larger than ducks or geese without showing signs of heavy metal poisoning until it is too late. This means that if someone should use the birds for a food source, they could become seriously ill and even die from lead or copper poisoning. So, they ARE NOT a good food source. The Regal Swan

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