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Male mute Swan lost feathers, can't fly, can't defend territory
Date: 8 September 2014

Hello. I am lucky enough to live opposite a river where a family of mute swans live. male, female, 8 cygnets which i think are around 5-6 months old now. They are staring to turn white. A couple of weeks ago, i noticed a fishing hook in the male's leg and he was taken away for it to be removed. He was away for 4 days and in that time, a male from up the river, who has a mate, chased the female and the cygnets out of their territory. When the male returned he managed to reclaim some territory but only swam near the other male and did not attack him. The other day, the male attacked our male and it was then that i realised why he cant defend. he has lost so many feathers (being caught, taken away, operation, car journeys) he cannot fly. His only option was to retreat and we now dont see him as he stays away although the female stills comes to us for her corn with the cygnets. Could you please tell me when will his feathers will grow back and when they do will he be able to reclaim his territory. I really miss seeing him.

Thank you

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Male mute Swan lost feathers, can't fly, can't defend territory -- Melanie -- 8 September 2014
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