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Update on Alaskan trumpeter swan family
Date: 11 September 2014

Hello, this is Shirley from Valdez, A.K. I wrote you on Sept. 2nd about a family of trumpeter swans that lost the adult male due to a car accident. I am very upset tonight, Mom was doing a wonderful job by herself taking care of her four cygnets. Well, she has now gone missing for the past two days. It's safe to say she is gone. It breaks my heart as these two adult swans have been coming to this pond over a decade. Here in Valdez the swans migrate any time now, there are no other swans in this area. What will become of these four cygnets, they have no one to show them the way. They must cross the highway to the Lowe River to migrate. Mom was taking them back and forth, for practice I assume. They have not ventured across the highway since she has been gone, they have stayed in their small pond. I want to Thankyou for your quick reply to my first post, I was pleasantly surprised. Thankyou for caring enough about these beautiful birds to help people like me understand them better.

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Update on Alaskan trumpeter swan family -- Shirley -- 11 September 2014
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