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Re: 3 month old cygnets were separated from their parents at 1 week
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 16 September 2014

Hi Andrew

Unfortunately, this experiment is one that may not end successfully. First, the cygnets should never have been taken from the parents because they will no longer will accept them in fact, the parents may try to kill them. If the cygnets were going to be moved to a smaller pond, the pond or a portion should have been enclosed and the entire family moved together. Once the cygnets were removed, they lost the ability to be swans which means they are now imprinted on you and people. You cannot teach them how to protect themselves against predators or how to be swans. This means the cygnets can never be placed on any pond or lake without supervision. At a month old, predators such as turtles, certain fish, owls, hawks, egrets, herons, dogs, cats and other animals can attack the birds and they have no means of protecting themselves. Additionally, because they are so young, their feathers and water repelling ability is not yet fully functional which means the cygnets can drown if left in the water for too long. Your best situation would be to find a waterfowl /wildlife facility that can adequately care for them until they are at least 6 months of age. Once the cygnets reach 6 months of age, they can be placed in a controlled habitat, i. e, park, zoo or other setting with an indoor overnight shelter. Again, by removing the cygnets from the parent swans, even though they may not have survived on the larger pond, has created a situation where they are going to require extended round the clock care until they are 6 months of age and then sheltered care thereafter. Should you not be able to provide intensive care, we would suggest a wildlife facility, waterfowl breeding program or contact Bob Knox at Knox Swans. The Regal Swan

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