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Re: Mute swan leg injury from snapping turtle
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 27 September 2014

Hi Liz

Usually, we would suggest getting him to a veterinarian. However, since he is wild and can fly, the only way to effect a capture would be on land. Since he can only take a few steps on land, he would not go higher so that he could be captured on the bank. Also, if he is not suffering from an infection by now, then he probably has soft tissue damage which may lead to arthritis later. But again, trying to capture him is going to be extremely difficult. Birds put on a great face to elude predators. Should they get to the point that they are so weak to be captured, then it usually is too late to intervene even with the best of care, antibiotics and pain relief. In this case, since he has a family, can fly and is eating, it would probably be better not to intervene unless he starts hanging around on the bank and can no longer access the water. He and the family will probably leave for migration in the next few weeks. The Regal Swan

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