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Winter Survival
Date: 8 October 2014

I am not sure if you remember but I wrote last year after our female swan was struck by a car and killed on an elevated bridge some 60 feet above the lake. Our 3 year old male was left alone and was attacked by foxes on the frozen lake.

We were unable to capture him but kept him alive by putting in several aeration systems and struggling to keep open water during the horrible winter. He seemed so lonely this spring and summer but we did not get him a new partner because of the risk of rejection. Also, we struggle just to keep him alive on the frozen lake in the winter.

Now the winter in coming again and we are again concerned about survival. Last winter we fed him twice daily the mix of oats, cracked corn, and pellet protein. In addition, we give him lettuce and watermelon.

I have three aeration systems and an additional system that runs off a compressor. What is the ideal size area that we should try to keep open for him? Also, I have a swan nest that he rests in daily. I would like to put this in the middle of the open area in the winter for him to sleep on at night to keep warm. He can get out of the water and sleep on the hay. Would there be any reason not to put the nest in the middle of the open water area since he is used to it?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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