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The care of pinioned swans
Date: 12 October 2014


We purchased two pinioned swans from an Amish breeder in northeast pa. Unfortunately we r not able to get very much information on their care?

We have a large 1.5 acre pond but winter is coming and we want to ensure their safety and care for them. Difficult to get any information. Breeder says just put them on pond and he does nothing else?

We have an old dog box that we put by pond with a small fenced in area for safety? I think it maybe too small and steep? So far not interested in that area or the box. The box was used by a dog so was wondering if they will not use it?

Have not started nesting or mating or laying to our knowledge?

I started supplemental feeding on the grass by the pond? But it was only poultry feed? Looks like I've found a site recommendation of wheat and cracked corn!

Can u guys help answer some of our questions before we unknowingly hurt them. Thank u so much!

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