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Re: Black swans attack us
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 19 October 2014
In Response To: Black swans attack us (Maryanne)

Hi Maryanne:

Yes, you have two options:

You need to stop running from the swans. Establish yourself as the alpha swan and capture the two swans each time they chase you. Yell, NO and then gently grab the swans (careful to control the wings so that you do not get beaten) and then carry the swans to the nearest enclosure such as a garage, shed, barn or bathroom. Both of you need to sit with the swans and tell them that they need to be good swans and this behavior is not acceptable. This is their time out. Repeat this procedure a couple of times and the boys will get the ide that they should not chase or they are going to go inside.

If you do not want to do the timeout routine, then you need to pen the swans. Black swans mate and nest twice a year. You are in the middle of nesting and unless you want to be continuously harassed, you need to let the boys build their nest and get their hormones settled. All male swans build nests, so whether they have a same gender or opposite gender mate, their hormones still rise for mating and then nesting is undertaken. By penning the swans at the onset of mating/nesting and hormone levels, you allow the swans to get the nesting out of their system and provide a good safe secure area from you and other people and predators.

The pen needs to be 1/2 in water and 1/2 on land, approximately 12 x12 feet in length and width. Add a feeder inside so that you can access without having to access the pen, but still able to place food (1/2 mixture of cracked corn and 1/2 mixture poultry layer pellet). Give the swans lettuce to supplement their vegetative needs. The pen should be completely enclosed top to bottom so that predators cannot dig under or climb over the pen to access the swans. Place straw on the land part of the pen and allow the birds to build the nest and sit for a while. Eventually, they will get the idea that nothing is going to happen, the hormone levels will return to normal (approximately 1-2 weeks), and then release them back onto the pond. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde should return to their loveable selves until the next breeding season (January-March) (July-Sept.). The Regal Swan

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