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Re: Swan not chasing geese any longer
By:The Regal Swa
Date: 27 October 2014
In Response To: Swan not chasing geese any longer (Lawrence)

Hi Lawrence:

Even though predators could be the cause of the loss of the cygnets this year, more than likely it was the severe inconsistent spring temperatures. We have heard that many swans and other species started nesting, got interrupted with cold blasts and then tried to nest again, only to have another cold front move in. Some species either lost their eggs/offspring or just gave up trying to nest. In some cases, flooding actually displaced nests and eggs.

In any case, swans are much more defensive (NOT AGGRESSIVE) when they have young. So, the absence of having a family to protect has altered the swans' behavior. This is not to say that the swans will not chase the geese once again, especially if their habitat or other resources are threatened. However, we would suggest that the chasing behavior may not return until the next mating/nesting season when hormone levels increase. The Regal Swan

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