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Re: Protecting Wild Swans (Texas)
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 29 October 2014
In Response To: Protecting Wild Swans (Texas) (Virginia)

Hi Virginia:

Unfortunately, this same scenario is being played out across the world as water recreationalists ignore and sometimes intentionally disrupt wildlife and their habitats for the sake of fun. In Texas, like other states, there has been misinformation spread by U.S and state wildlife entities that label the Mute Swan as an invasive species. This has allowed for their killing and removal from prime habitats with the ultimate motive of replacing the Mute Swans with the larger Trumpeter Swan so that the Trumpeters can be hunted as Trophy Waterfowl and increase wildlife budgets.

The truth is that the Mute Swans are native to North America and they are a Sentinel species, meaning they alert us to problems within the environment which allows for possible early intervention. By killing this early warning system, we are setting up the potential of having a catastrophic environmental event which cannot be monitored, assessed or treated in a timely manner.

Your swans may have been killed by state or U.S wildlife officials and/or had their eggs removed, oiled or addled to prevent them from hatching offspring. This practice occurs in the middle of the night so that taxpayers cannot see what is occurring. The swans are either decapitated with common garden shears (no noise like gunfire) or dragged behind boats and beaten with oars and baseball bats. Their young, watching their parents killed are then stomped to death.

U.S. citizens express horror of the Japanese killing Harbor Seals and porpoises by clubbing them to death. However, our state and federal wildlife services are conducting these same atrocities on Mute Swans and other wildlife out of the sight and knowledge of the media and the public. All of the killings are supposedly based upon research, but pressed for copies of their research, none or "junk science" is offered.

Unfortunately, until citizens speak up about these wildlife massacre vs management protocols, the wildlife entities will continue maintaining their protocols to enhance and maintain their budgets through inhuman, non-scientific and indiscriminate killings.

Nesting occurs in March or early spring and the nesting area that is patrolled and controlled "defensively" NOT AGRRESSIVELY", is based upon the comfort level of the male swans. Some males will allow some intervention of humans and other wildlife due to familiarity and the fact that they do not threaten. However, if the swans are constantly harassed by humans, i.e., jet skis intentionally run up to the nests, poking or other inhuman teasing, then the swan's may have a shorter distance that they not tolerate encroachment.

You need to contact the media, other citizens, environmental groups and petition your state representatives that the killing and harassment of Mute Swans needs to cease. Ask them for their budgets and costs of killing the swans and introduction of other hunting species to find out exactly how much money they are spending and wasting.

We and others were able to get the state senate and assembly in New York to pass legislation to remove the Mute Swans from invasive species lists and stop the killing until true non-biased scientific research is presented. This is what you and the citizens of Texas must also demand. We wish you luck and if you need the true scientific research, please do not hesitate to contact us or go to The Regal Swan's Facebook page to stay abreast of our fight against the killing of Mute Swans. The Regal Swan

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