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Re: How to Capture young swans on my lake
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 30 October 2014

Hi Jack:

If you can get them to feed from your hand and someone else's, you can reach down, gently grab them by their necks and wings. You will only have once chance at this, because they will get smart real quick. Another way is to move your trough further up the bank and build a four sided pen. Leave the pen side nearest the lake open for a couple of feedings. Once they enter the pen, close the back side and you will have the cygnets in hand very quickly. Otherwise, you will need several people, large nets and blankets to wrap the birds. Again, using nets, people etc., rather than a pen is going to tip the swans that something is up each time you get near them. Then, you will need some kayaks, etc., to try and herd them into a safe area for capture.

Do not use a cast net as you can drown them very quickly if not cause severe injury. Swans in great care, lack of predators, illness, etc., can live up to 30 years. We hope this information helps. The Regal Swan

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