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Re: At what age do baby swans leave parents?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 11 November 2014

Hi Diana

Cygnets usually begin leaving the habitat when they begin to turn their eventual adult coloring. Once the feathers and wings mature (approximately 8-10 months of age) the parents will no longer recognize the cygnets as their young, but rather as rivals. If the parents have taught them everything there is to know about being a swan , then the cygnets are either chased from the habitat, and/or flown around or away from the habitat during the migratory season by the parents. If the cygnets are escorted to the migratory wintering grounds (to teach them how and where to migrate) by the parents, the cygnets will be introduced to other cygnets for eventual pairing. These new pairs will return to the nesting area in the springtime and will find a new habitat to start their own family. Your cygnets may have flown to another pond nearby for exploration. In this case, the parents may periodically check on them and meet up for the migration flight. The Regal Swan

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