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Rescued swan
Date: 24 November 2014

I found a swan in my backyard this past weekend and since we have never had them I was worried he may be wounded. After some investigation I was able to determine he was slightly injured, it appeared his leg may be almost sprained, but nothing life threatening. I spent 6 hours trying to find a rescue near my home that handles these birds and came up with nothing. After contacting the game commission they came today to take a look at him and will not help because they say he is domesticated and not native (which I had already assumed because he did not hiss or show any signs of aggression towards me). After some asking a neighbor said they believed a previous neighbor had left him and possibly more behind when he moved. I am still in the process of trying to find someone to take the swan but I have put him in a pond right near my house until then so that he at least had food and water available. My worry is that if he was raised on a farm he will not be able to survive the winter without shelter/food or assistance from people. The game commission officer told me he is a mute swan but after some research he looks just like a immature tundra swan. No one in my area has any idea how to handle him so I am hoping that you could give me some advice on whether to attempt to build him shelter or what he would need from me to survive at the pond if no one is willing to take him in. Also if someone is willing to take him in what would be the best way to lure him into a crate so as not to stress him. Thank you!

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