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Re: I am looking for a pair of swans to live in Michigan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 13 December 2014

Hi Gib

Unfortunately, you cannot have swans without a permit, and even then, the Michigan DNR is killing the Mute Swans in Michigan. They claim that the swans are non-native and invasive which is a huge misrepresentation to taxpayers. They have admitted that they are harvesting Trumpeter Swan egas from Alaska, incubating the eggs in Milwaukee Zoo and then releasing them into wetland habitats formerly inhabited by the Mute Swans.

The reasoning behind this non-scientific based project is to introduce the larger swans so they can be hunted, as a Trophy Waterfowl to help offset diminishing state and federal wildlife budgets. So, if you put swans on your lake they will be decapitated or beaten in front of their cygnets with the cygnets being stomped to death. This is how Michigan and other wildlife entities kill the swans so that no one hears the killings.

Barb Avers, Michigan DNR admitted the cost of this program is expensive, they are no longer going to get input from the politicians, media or citizens to kill more swans even though the swan numbers are stable. Additionally, this costly, inhumane non scientific taxpayer based program is monetarily unsustainable. Which means that the Michigan taxpayers' money is being wasted on a non sustainable hunting project when Detroit and other cities are going bankrupt, retiree pensions are being slashed and infrastructure and other needed services cannot be funded due to lack of funding.

Michigan taxpayers should be livid and demand a full audit of the Mute Swan killing/Trumpeter Swan introduction project and request a full audit under the Federal Freedom of Information Act which they have refused to give citizens that have made an inquiry. We hope this information is of benefit and will allow you and other swan lovers to stop these senseless wildlife programs. The Regal Swan

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