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Swans crossing road at night
Date: 15 December 2014

Hi, the other night at 10:30 I was driving home and saw two swans in the middle of the road. They live on a pond right there, the road is actually in the middle of two ponds. I assumed they were crossing between ponds, I got out and shooed them to the side of the road. They were annoyed ( I knew they would be but I didn't want them to get hit by a car), and hissed at me. I doubled back and they were walking on the roadside but still not going to the pond. A friend told me the next day that the swans were standing in the same spot in the middle of the road at 1:30am! What do you think they were doing? I drove by the next morning hoping they were ok and saw them in the grassy bank of the pond.

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