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Re: Where can i keep a swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 1 January 2015
In Response To: Where can i keep a swan (Bailee)

Hi Bailey

The first issue is if you need a state permit to keep them? The second issue will be if you are going to keep a mating pair? If your swans can produce cygnets (baby swans), then you have a whole different set of concerns because you may need a breeder's permit and you will be legally and financially responsible for all veterinary care and finding them a good home ( with proper documentation). So, we would certainly suggest you keep the swans of the same gender (a pair of male or a pair of female swans). In the swan world, same gender swans will mate and nest, but obviously cannot produce young.

It is better to keep a pair of swans or at least other waterfowl such as ducks or geese if you only have one swan because they can become imprinted on you (they think they are a person not a swan). This may seem funny at first, but it is dangerous for the swan as it will walk up to any person or animal, showing no fear. This can get the bird killed because predators, domestic or wild such as dogs, foxes, etc., will attack the swans and not all humans are kind to animals.

Pools are not the greatest because of high levels of chlorine, but if you can use minimal chlorine and still be able to pump fecal and food mater from the pool for cleanliness, a pool might work. But, you will need to enclose the pool with strong fencing so that predators cannot attack the birds at night. You will also need a non-skid non-abrasive surface so the swans do not hurt their feet. The water level will need to be kept at zero entry level to prevent foot and leg injuries while entering or exiting the pool.

Should you desire a pond, you will possibly need a permit for it's construction as you are going to need a water supply to keep water in the pod, this may mean some type of pump, etc. You wI'll also need an aerator to keep the pond free from anaerobic bacteria which can produce toxins and kill the swans. The aerator can also act as de-ice in the winter to keep the water from freezing. The pond needs to be at least 4 feet deep and at least the size of a normal swimming pool to allow the swans to comfortably bath, swin, feed and bathe. Again, you will need fencing to prevent predators and a good substrate. Uru The Regal Swan

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