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Female Black Australian Swan attached to me
Date: 6 January 2015

Hello, I live on a residential lake (houses around edges) about 80 acs in size. There are 4 Mute swans, 4 adult and 4 signet Australian Black swans, and 4 Trumpeter swans residing on the lake. the Trumpeters are a new addition and getting along quite well. There are numerous other fowl as well. Everyone contributes to the bird's feeding, as do I. The unmated pair of Black Swans frequented our yard along the lake for food and about 2 months ago the female came to our door. I continued feeding, although along the water so many coots and ducks come it chances the swans away. I feed the female at the house and the male at the lake after walking her down to the water's edge. She is at our door every morning, is now nesting outside our window and no longer responds to the male calling - but overtime she sees me, she lowers her neck and welcomes me. I escort her to the water every evening because we have coyotes in the neighborhood and she spends the night on the lake. I'm worried she will not find a mate. What should I do? thank you

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