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Re: Embassy Suites Swans
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 7 January 2015
In Response To: Embassy Suites Swans (Anita)

Hi Anita:

We have actually addressed this issue prior to your post. Most people do not realize that swans in captive settings are captive bred. Swan behavior is actually compatible with this human captive interaction. Swans by nature are very lazy birds. They swim a little, get on a bank, preen take a nap and then eat. A swan owns you not vice versa. They expect to be fed on time and whenever they need an extra feeding. They will tolerate your handling them, taking photos, etc. In the meantime, they go back on the bank and sleep the rest of the day.

Additionally, anyone who owns a swan, especially in the setting that Embassy Suites maintains the swan, MUST have constant veterinary care as they are considered an exotic species, even though, Mute Swans are actually native to the U.S. despite the misinformation that has been perpetuated by federal and state wildlife agencies. Because of this misinformation, most Mute Swans must be relegated to captive setting or they are killed by state and federal wildlife officials if they are found in the wild.

The swans are killed by wildlife officials sneaking into the night into areas, especially nests, decapitating the adults in front of the cygnets and then stomping the cygnets to death, all in the name that the swans are non-native and invasive species. In Indiana, wildlife officials were seen dragging the swans behind boats and beating them with oars and baseball bats. When the public wanted animal cruelty laws brought against these officials, they stated that these were an invasive specie and cruelty laws did not apply to them. This inhumaneness is conducted at taxpayer expense with most taxpayers not knowing that this shoddy wildlife management protocol is being practiced by state and federal officials..

Research has shown that these swans are Sentinel species, not invasive and alert scientists to the presence of high levels of heavy metals or harmful microorganisms.

Invasive and non-native attributes have been proven false by international swan specialists, wetland and environmental researchers. However, these stories keep going around so that the swans can be killed to introduce the larger Trumpeter Swan species to be used for Trophy Waterfowl Hunting purposes to maintain state and federal wildlife budgets. Again, at taxpayer expense.

So, these majestic birds are relegated to captive settings in order to protect their lives. Being lazy, getting veterinary care, on-time anytime feeding and clean areas to live and sleep, we're sure that these beautiful swans would say thank you to Embassy Suites for allowing the public to get to actually know them instead of having false accusations pointed at them so that they can be killed. Bottom line, they are fine. The Regal Swan

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