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Re: Swans on frozen pond
Date: 8 January 2015
In Response To: Swans on frozen pond (Casey)

Hi Casey and others with ponds that freeze. I notice our Lake Glen Mute Swans being very challenged by the parameters of our pond being frozen, which keeps them from their food box. They are very heavy and afraid to walk or slide on the ice except onto the edges. Plus they need to drink water with each nibble of feed and that is impossible when the feeder is surrounded with ice. So I rigged up a "white pool life-saver ring/donut" by putting a stainless-steel bowl in the center and filling it with feed. I then push the pool lif-saver ring, with attached long rope, out to the edge of ice so swans can feed. When the ice is farther than my push I have a very long poll to push even more. They were very cautious the first day but the local ducks demonstrated that indeed this was a feeder. I stand out there to make sure the ducks don't eat the feed by wiggling the rope once and awhile to shoo them off. Then I pull feeder bowl back in so ducks won't gobble up all the feed. Our aeraters are in the middle of pond which keeps that section unfrozen. Hope this helps someone and their Swans!

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