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Re: Young swan cannot stand
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 26 January 2015
In Response To: Young swan cannot stand (Jim)

Hi Jim:

With the description you are providing, it seems that it is neurologically compromised, either by being hit by a car, running into something or crash landing on the parking lot. If the cygnet is immature, it probably was hit by a vehicle. Try to feed it poultry layer pellets and cracked corn submerged in water. Add a little lettuce (finely chopped) and bits of bread. If the bird does not start eating on its own, you may have to tube feed it, provide it supportive care such as antibiotics and an i.v. to prevent dehydration.

The major issue is to see if there are any broken bones or internal injuries. Failure to stand is a death sentence for waterfowl because they will not be able to enter or exit water to feed, bathe or swim.

You might try to place him in a warm bath and see if his feet move under him in a water situation. Watch him closely and remove him after a very brief (5 minutes) in the water. Dry and keep him warm. Again, there are no guarantees that he will not expire from his injuries, or if he ingested something such as a poison, he may also exhibit neurological problems. Chelation i.v. with some charcoal and antibiotics may help if this is the problem, but again no guarantees.

There is a gentleman in Australia, (Jon that works with Black Swans. He may be able to assist you. The Regal Swan

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