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Re: Injured swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 2 February 2015
In Response To: Injured swan (Judy)

Hi Judy:

There could be several explanations for the swan being in the open field. During winter months, aquatic vegetation is scarce and the swans, being grazing birds will look for areas to supplement their dietary needs. If there is a lot of grass or other vegetation in the field, the swans will go into the field in the daytime, returning to the pond before night. If during the crossing between the pond and the field, the bird was injured by being hit by a car or attacked by an animal, she could have been dragged into the open field. The swan could have been attacked by a domesticated dog or cat, bobcat, fox, coyote or any other number of predators as they will all go for the swans head and breast.

Any animal bite is extremely tough to heal because of the ensuing infection, even if there is minimal damage. Animal bites require several months of care including cleaning, dressing, debridement, antibiotics and even then, a course of antibiotics may need to be changed in the event that the infection worsens or requires a different antibiotic. With the best of care, swans can still die.

Animals will walk away from their habitats to die. In this case, the swan could have been attacked due to its being sick or injured. We know that this no consolation, but, unfortunately, this is nature. We are sorry for your loss. The Regal Swan

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