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Trapped swan
Date: 5 February 2015

While out walking my dog tonight down my local canal, I saw which I first thought was a deer in the canal. When I got abit closer I noticed it was three swans. Two large and one smaller. I'm guessing the larger where males and the other female. The two larger were what looked like fighting, biting wings, wrapping necks around each other and trying to get on top of each other. The smaller just swimming around them. My dog starting barking at them and then they stopped and one of the large swans tried to swim/fly of. Thinking they had stopped I carried on walking. On returning back up the canal I saw the swans again. One of the large swans was slumped up against the canal lock. On first thoughts I thought the poor thing had been killed. As I got closer it moved off and the the other swan came back and attacked it. It swam underneath the bar for the lock door and the other couldn't get to it. I managed to get the other two swans away from it and they swam off. Now the other swan is trapped and doesn't seem to be able to get out. I had to leave it because it was getting spooked by my dog barking at it. I'm just wondering if it will be ok and will figure out a way out. Just hope the other swan doesn't come back to finish it off either. I hope this makes sense.

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