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Re: Mixing swan species
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 21 February 2015
In Response To: Mixing swan species (Frank)

Hi Frank:

You may need a permit to keep the Trumpeter Swans and a breeding permit if you want to have cygnets.

Trumpeter swans can and will kill other waterfowl just because of their inherent size. The swans may not mean to kill the ducks or geese, but if they grab one, just because of the swans' size, the smaller waterfowl can be killed if they are slung, chased or the swans try to drown the birds. Trumpeter Swans may not be a good choice with your ducks and geese.

Black Swans are much more territorial than other species. This species of swan will produce 1-8 cygnets twice a year. Again, you may need to have a breeder's permit to keep the Black Swans. These swans will also chase other waterfowl and can inadvertently kill smaller species. The Regal Swan

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