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Lone swan in VA
Date: 26 February 2015
In Response To: Lone swan (Carol)

Recently inquired about a swan here at Lake Pelham. As lighting improved, it appears he has a more orangish beak than black - less dynamic in color perhaps if a juvenile? Does the mute swan travel solo normally? Is it typical for them to tolerate being surrounded by so many Canadian geese - or conversely the geese tolerating the largely outnumbered swan. He's now stayed on the Lake more than 24hr- about to stay through the night again. Sorry my camera lens is not adequate for a good pic.

PS: now I think it's a juvenile mute swan due to dull orange color of beek. It's stayed now all day on the lake, in the unfrozen area, tolerating being surrounded by 100+ Canadian geese. Is it typical that he's alone?

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