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Found abandoned swan eggs
Date: 9 March 2015

Hello. Well I live in Las Vegas, NV, and just yesterday my boyfriend and I decided to go to these man-made lakes near our apartment to feed the ducks. There are many ducks and turtles and black and white swans here. While we were walking around he spotted a couple swan nests with the mother swan protecting her eggs. Then he found a little area where the eggs were scattered around and no parent swan to be seen. At first we thought we should leave them be just incase the mom swan returned and realized her babies have been kidnapped. But We used our best judgement and took the eggs home with us. They were cold from the beginning. (Now my father used to incubate eggs when he was young, and has an incubator but it is inaccessible). We went to him and asked him what to do. So using his words. We have them in a box with padding on the bottom and the eggs sitting in a towel. We also have a little shot glass full of water next to them (for moisture). Then we have a strong hot light shining on them, and check on them very often.

My questions to you are: are we caring for them the proper way? Is there a way to tell if we got to them in time or could they are dead? And, is there a way to figure out if they are still alive and can be saved?

Please help me. I am very concerned and have no idea what to do. I have a picture of the set-up if you would like to see it.

Thank you,
Stephanie and Colton

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