Ask the Swan Specialist

Re: How to feed black swans? Vaccinate against New Castle disease?
Date: 11 March 2015

Good morning and my many thanks for your worthy advice.

Actually both swans were transported on the trunk of 4x4 truck but it was not tightly closed with a venting for air entrance. Trunk door was opened frequently due to very warm weather and provided just fresh water every hour, no solid food. Swans were not in containers and the surface of trunk was not slick but had room for movement.

Road was curvy... I believe it was a stressful ride for the swans but just one of them came out sick and still lays over his chest. No strong enough yet to stand up and hold himself, however he eats and drinks fine. It is now second day on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory treatment with no good results so far. Note that they are 6-months-old now.

Do you think the swan will not walk again after all I have mentioned?