Ask the Swan Specialist

Re: How to feed black swans? Vaccinate against New Castle disease?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 11 March 2015

Hi Julian

This is tough call and too soon to make. Give the antibiotics some time to work as well as the nutrition. It is a good sign that it is eating and drinking. Is it eating a lot throughout the day or just every so often? This will also give you a clue to its health. Cygnets expend and require a lot of energy. They sometimes seem to do nothing but eat. If the swan is only eating sporadically, every 2-3 hours, this is not enough to sustain it and the veterinarian may need to tube feed it. However, this may cause even greater stress. If the swan is eating several times an hour, this is a good sign, but it still may need a tube feeding to help it catch up. There is no doubt that a 10 hour ride for a 6 month old swan, or any swan for that matter is stressful. The Regal Swan