Ask the Swan Specialist

Re: How to feed black swans? Vaccinate against New Castle disease?
Date: 11 March 2015

Good morning

Actually I thought he was eating fine but since you mentioned that it is normal for them to do it once or twice every hour I must say that I haven't seen so. They both eat and drink maybe once every two hours. What's more, I was very surprised their appetite was kind of low as compared to that of geese and they are heavier..

Do you think I should tube feed him?. I don't know how to do that and the local vet could follow instructions because he has never done such procedure.

Can I prepare the tube feeding solution for the 5-months old swan with cracked, diluted poultry layer pellets, or high protein and vitamins cracked fish pellets, or perhaps cat pellets (30% protein, good mineral blend and high fat conten of around 10%), multivitamins and blended fruits?. How much ml should I give him at once and how many times a day? What do you recommend to catch up with his feeding and add important nutrients perhaps missing due to stress?.

His neck is very very long, for us to be able to tube him in should I put his neck upwards to prevent injury of mucosa?

Your advice and follow up has been of great help for us and am sure our swan health is on the right track.. Thanks so much. God bless you.