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Lonely Swan in Front Yard
Date: 12 March 2015

Every spring, there's a big population of mute swans in the bay at the end of our street. The lake is currently still frozen and the weather is only beginning to break, so there aren't any swans there yet.

However, there is one lone swan that has been hanging out along the street for the past 5 days or so, and has been on our front lawn (still covered in snow) for 2 days now.

He doesn't appear to be injured. Should we leave him and assume he'll make his way down to the bay once his other swan friends join him? We're wondering why he's here alone.

I don't want him to be hit by a car, but I'm not sure there's any way we can encourage him to go down to the bay. I guess he must be looking for food? Should we feed him?

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