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Re: Two young -baby swans disappeared from lake over night
Date: 28 March 2015

Hello again.

I have written you back in January about the disappearance of the 4 family swans over night. First the babies, second day-were no parents. I did not find back there any signs of fight related to predators. However, the lake was completely frozen with with only the tiny open water area they couldn't be possibly fitting in if all 4 together. I was so concerned about what could have possible happened. Then got your response and up till last week was trying to visit this private, historic lake to see if they have returned. Just 4 days ago-when I perked my car, I saw a white bird. I was so happy and started running calling (a few singing,high notes of a melody my swans were used to recognize for years from a far distance and once they heard it, immediately, they would be turning their heads in search of my location and swim so fast to me greeting me with their necks up and down). Well... I started calling as my usual manner and the swan was in a middle of the lake completely ignoring my call. I got closer to waters and spent half an hour calling him/her. He was busy digging inside the water his food. It was also so windy that seemingly, I thought that whole noise of the trees around or other were maybe blocking his understanding of the sound that he might not hear well. Then, I realized it might not be at all the same swan. Looks as it was a wild swan and not humanized since he didn't show any interest to communicate or come close to the shore. I left. But yesterday, I came back. Once out of the car on a distance of half a mile from the lake-I started loudly my singing-calling. I couldn't believe my eyes when saw this swan got so alerted by turning his head side to side and increasing speed towards the shore from the middle of the lake. I came closer and he was almost speed-swimming to me and doing that same greeting sign with his neck. He came so close. I started feeding him and it seems as it was not the same swan from 2 days ago but one of my family swans member. I was happy seeing him/her (can't say), but.... why is he alone? Where possibly his/her partner? They were inseparable for over 10 years? If the mating season is coming then how is he/she going to do well alone or if hiss loneliness going to affect him somehow? Thanks a lot for your time reading and replying to those of us who love the animals of any kind around our brutal world of humans who destroy this Nature.

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