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Re: Aggressive swan goose
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 6 April 2015
In Response To: Aggressive swan goose (Maren luedemann)

Hi Maren:
Yes, your husband needs to let the goose know that it is unacceptable behavior to be aggressive to other people. The goose has imprinted on your husband. If you rescued a domesticated goose, it means that its initial owner was a male and your husband reminds him of his old master. If your husband was the main rescuer, then the goose has attached to your husband because it remembers his rescue.

In any case, your husband needs to hold the goose gently by the neck or head and allow other people to also pet the goose while your husband is around. Eventually, just like a dog or other animal, it will associate other people with your husband and understand that he does not need to be in fear of people. This fear could be a reason that he is having trouble around other people.

First, start with your husband holding the swan and introducing you. Once the goose calms down around you with or without your husband, then you can begin to introduce other people. It is just a matter of keeping the situation calm and letting the goose know that as long as you or your husband are around, there should not be any aggression. You do not want just anyone to go in and pet the goose without either of you being there. This gives the wrong message and the goose may begin to walk up to people and even animals. This trust could lead to serious injury or death of he becomes too friendly with strangers. The Regal Swan

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